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The Little Deeper Cushion

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The Little Deeper Cushion
Looking for something to spice up those intimate moments?

The Little Deeper Cushion is an anatomically designed sex cushion that will lift, tilt, and hold the hips up, at the perfect angle for the absolute most pleasurable position possible!

Little Deeper Cushion will spice up your sex life whether you're heterosexual, gay or lesbian. It's easy to maintain and store.

Trying to get pregnant? Then, get the Little Deeper Cushion and make sure you're optimizing your chances.

The main things that distinguish the Little Deeper Cushion from the competition are:
  • Anatomically sculpted - Not just for the woman but also takes into consideration the man, for example the cut in on the bottom for his "twins". It's not just a hard wedge.
  • Patented
  • One size fits all - don't need a room full of furniture.
  • Discreet - stands by bed side or in closet or can be put in it's carrying case.
  • Non-Discreet :-)  Can be displayed and because of it's unique shape will draw questions like, "what's that for?" :-)
  • Portable - Comes with a carrying case.
  • Versatile - Many positions - Suitable for Man on Man, Woman on Woman - Getting Pregnant, etc.
Little Deeper Cushion
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NO RETURNS UNLESS: Shipping carton must be unopened or if product is in a sealed bag inside, it must not have been opened.
The recently Patented Little Deeper Cushion was created to enhance lovemaking by improving the angles and depth of penetration, and it really works! It puts you into the most comfortable, stress-free and pleasurable sexual positions you've ever experienced.

Men get a deeper and more sensual penetration and women get a more fulfilling and stimulating experience when using the anatomically designed Little Deeper Cushion.

Using your pillows?

The problem with pillows is they are all different sizes and density. Trying to fold, scrunch-up or otherwise maneuver and adjust a pillow into exactly the correct angle, especially in the heat of passion, can be awkward at best and even uncomfortable for both partners.

As a result, most people just end up having intercourse lying flat down on a bed. But this is not the best position if you want to increase pleasure or increase penetration. Why? It's a simple matter of achieving the correct angle. With some minor and comfortable adjustments, sexual intercourse just gets better!

Stress inhibits the woman's ability to achieve orgasm. For the male, the stress of focusing on "doing it right" can be an inhibiting factor that reduces maximum rigidity leading to shallower penetration and reduced output.


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