Monkey Spanker....
The brand new way to Spank your Monkey

First there was the Rabbit....for girls, then came the Duck.....also for girls, now there's the Monkey Spanker.....For Men!!!

Monkey Spanker is a brand new male vibrator. This deceptively simple device will have you spanking your monkey and spilling your honey in no time. Add a squirt of lube to soft pad and slide in your penis. The Monkey Spanker creates a soft but firm vibrating tube around your cock, designed to feel just like the real thing. Then simply work your cock with the Monkey Spanker, vary the strokes to suit your mood; hard and fast for a vigorous workout or slow and gentle to let the vibrations do the work for you. Whichever way you choose the Monkey Spanker will reward you with a powerful, shuddering orgasm.

Monkey Spanker

Monkey Spankers are really good fun, feel better than both hand and blow jobs and can produce an intense and extremely satisfying orgasm in no time. Monkey Spanker is the perfect complement for your adult video collection and loads of fun if your partner gets in on the action. If you haven’t got a partner, Monkey Spanking is an excellent way to waste away the hours until you do!

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ONLY $40.00


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